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Become a Swiftee

Join our vibrant fleet and earn up to £140 a day!

Flexible Hours

Work when it suits you

High Earnings

Up to £16 per hour

Local Jobs

Fast & efficient jobs

Self Employed

Zero commitment

Driver Rank

Become a VIP rider

Easy Onboard

Fast applications

Joining Swiftee is Easy!

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Proof of Address

Simple & Easy Application

What vehicle do you have? - Step 1 of 3


Sure! It’s simple. You receive a job request on the Swiftee driver app, where you can see pick up, drop off & amount you’ll get for the job. Want to take it? Just hit accept. Not in the mood? Just reject it!

We have a variety of jobs of which most are local jobs. There are also long distance jobs that you may wish to accept for better pay.

No. You are self employed, it’s in your hands.

An experienced Motorcycle courier usually earns around £130 by working 8-9 hours, it takes a few weeks until you get to know the area well (Without using navigation).

Cars earn slightly less than a motorcycle due to parking & traffic.

A lot of our customers will be paying you in cash so you keep the cash with you, Now every time you receive a Credit Card/Account job we will take the 20% that you owe us from the cash.

The rest of your Credit card/Account jobs will be paid to your bank account every month between the 8th – 11th.

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