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General Overview

We, Sol & Pini, started out in early 2015 as delivery drivers for local stores. It was after a few short months that we realised the potential in what Swiftee is today. There are thousands of Stores, Restuarants, Groceries, Buisnesses & Consumers that crave a reliable On-Demand delivery service to execute urban logistics in a fast & efficient way. That is when we decided to set up a network of motorists of any kind, to transport and deliver goods and secure items & documents for stores, businesses and the general public.

Today, Swiftee is a leading supplier of reliable urban logistics serving thousands of happy clients throughout London. We've performed more than One million, seven hundred & eighty thousand fast & efficient deliveries!

Our Achievements

We're always working to up the game so that we can provide an even better service in the future. It has become our mission to ensure our customer have a team they can rely whenever they need!

Sol Tunk

CEO, Co-Founder

Pini Tunk

CTO, Co-Founder

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